Having been an educator for over 30 years, my hope is that you will find these resources helpful everyday as you work with students to motivate them in their learning,  to feel impacted by their learning experiences, and to help them reach their highest level of performance.

Teachers work collaboratively at EduBest to create useful resources for teachers and students. We are currently adding to our suite of products and are continually striving to develop exceptional materials that will enrich students and support fellow educators.

Brigitta Goerres

I was privileged to start my career as a classroom teacher immediately after graduating from the University of Alberta majoring in both English and Social Studies. I transitioned to the Ministry of Education where I worked for five years as an Exam Manager in the Assessment Department. For the past decade, as the Executive Director of Curriculum with an educational technology company, I have worked to develop print and digital study tools for students, teachers, and parents.

Today, I am able to combine my experience and return to the classroom setting as an English teacher but to an audience of diversified learners with unique backgrounds and goals.
I founded EduBest to collaborate and share ideas and methods to allow all learners the opportunity to reach their highest level of achievement and to inspire and motivate teachers.