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Resources and Services

RCAT – Reading Comprehension Assessment Tool

As an educator and assessment specialist I recognize the importance of strong tools that help diagnose reading comprehension skills and allow for effective follow up. I was unable to find a trusted resource, so I set about creating my own comprehensive package of digital student assessments along with printed review materials that focus on specific skills needing more attention.

We have recently created an online tool for teachers that provides access to secure reading comprehension assessments for each grade level from grades 3 to 12. This tool is called the Reading Comprehension Assessment Tool – RCAT.

Reading Comprehension Success Teacher Workshops/ Professional Development:

We provide schools and teaching teams with professional development workshops focusing on English Language Arts. We offer sessions on Reading Comprehension Success as well as other sessions tailored to the needs of your school.

Reading Comprehension Success Black Line Master Packages:

The Reading Comprehension Success Black Line Masters Packages are available for grades 3 to 12. Each package consists of grade level appropriate reading passages (narratives, informational, and poetic) with over 300 well performing and well discerning assessment questions. The answer key with detailed explanations and the alignment to the reading comprehension skills assessed follows each reading passage/question set.  When purchased, each school receives a license for the content and the packages are fully reproducible in print or digital format for the teachers and students at the school. The license will not expire. 

Reading Comprehension Success Student Workbooks

Reading comprehension success on reading assessments consists of skills, which are required throughout each student’s learning. Questions on reading tests not only assess a student’s reading capability but also their reading skills. These reading skills are needed to read each reading passage successfully but more so, to be able to analyze each question and determine which skill is required to successfully answer each question. The Reading Comprehension Success resource provides practice, practice, practice, to help students understand and learn the assessment skills required to improve their reading comprehension assessment performance. There are 10 guides available for grades 3 to 12. Each guide consists of age appropriate and expected reading level passages of a variety of genres including narratives, informational, and poetic readings and hundreds of passage-based questions, which are aligned to reading comprehension skill.

 Online Tutoring Sessions

We offer tutoring sessions focusing on Reading Comprehension Success for students from Grades 3 to 12. Please contact us to schedule a session or to learn more information.